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Transaxle solves DPD problems

  • Luke
  • 18 Jun 2019
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Hydraulic Calipers leaking in the box causing DPD disruptions

We have experienced some issues regarding hydraulic old core calipers being collected by our delivery agents "DPD".

The issue is the hydraulic fluid is leaking in the boxes, causing the box to weaken and in some cases split. Once the box is split, it is seperated at the DPD Warehouse and can take days (even weeks) to receive the parcel (as they have to repack and relable the consignment for redelivery).

Our solution to this issue is that we request any hydraulic old core to be returned to us inside a bag and then in a box. We will be providing a bag with all our hydraulic caliper sales and if you keep this bag would be suitable for the old unit to be placed in here priory to be put in a box. 

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