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New Unit Returns of Reman (Reconditioned) Brake Calipers

Any New units that are required to be returned must be notified in advance.

In most cases, we will accept the New unit returns, however there will be a 15% handling and repacking charge

We ask that you kindly fill in a New Unit Return Form and email this to either or

This form is a Fillable PDF and can be completed either on your computer or printed and filled out by hand

Please make sure you always send your own returns notes with your goods.



Warranty Returns of Reman (Reconditioned) Brake Calipers

Any Warranty calipers you may have should be notified in advance.

We ask that you complete the "Warranty Returns Form" and pack the item in an individual box, with a copy of your complete warranty form and company returns note and we can collect this from you.

If you are returning warranty caliper(s) amongst other old core units on a pallet, we ask that you clearly mark the unit with the words "WARRANTY" and attach a warranty form to each warranty caliper

If you could please notify either or  in advance with a completed Warranty Returns Form.

This form is a Fillable PDF and can be completed either on your computer or printed and filled out by hand

Please make sure you always send your own returns notes with your goods.



Old Core Returns of Reman (Reconditioned) Brake Calipers

For less than four brake calipers we ask you to box each caliper individually, making sure it's securely packed. We will send our courier DPD into collect them.

For more than four brake calipers, we ask you to strap them to a pallet and we will send Palletways into collect them.

Please make sure you always send returns notes with your goods.




Core Surcharge Returns of Reman (Reconditioned) Brake Calipers

We provide reconditioned brake calipers that meet the original manufacturer's standards. To recondition your old parts, we require your brake caliper. Upon returning the old part, we'll refund the deposit if it meets certain conditions, such as being free from damage and retaining its original shape. Refunds are processed within 15 working days, and returns are accepted within 12 months. After this period, refunds are not possible. Choose one of the surcharge options:


Option 1: Without Surcharge - You send back your old core to Transaxle Limited and only pay a fair price. This helps in remanufacturing parts and contributes to environmental preservation.

Option 2: With Surcharge - You pay the fair price plus a surcharge for the old caliper core we provide. Failure to return the old unit means forfeiting the surcharge refund.



1. The returned old core calipers must be an equivalent of the purchased caliper. If you can not return to original caliper for any reason, similar makes can be accepted. For example if you buy a Knorr Bremse, we will accept another Knorr in its place. It has to be the same make though for us to accept it, we will not accept a Knorr Bremse if you owe us a Meritor caliper or Wabco caliper.

2. According to the regulation on environment protection, the cores should be secured and packaged in such a way that they do not pollute the environment. From Hydraulic calipers you should remove the brake fluid agent remaining in them, where possible. The inlets should be stopped with plugs and the caliper returned in a sealed bag.

3. In order to be accepted, a caliper must be complete. Not disassembled and must meet the below specified technical requirements.

A. The caliper body may not be cracked, broken or deformed.

B. The calipers should be complete and nit disassembled into parts, or have any missing parts. If the caliper is supplied with a carrier, then it must be returned with a carrier.

C. The model of the returned caliper core, must be the same model as that purchased; however it does not have to be the same part number or side.

D. Models similar to those purchased, but are slow moving or obsolete applications will not be accepted.

E. Any sharp edges/corners should be removed to prevent cuts when handling core.

F. Customers are responsible for the return of old units and therefore should pay extra attention to suitably packing returns to avoid damage or loss in transit.

G. Old units should be returned within 90 days of the date of purchase, otherwise immediate payment is required.

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