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Transaxle reman brake calipers

We at Transaxle take great pride in our remanufactured brake calipers and have worked hard to produce a high quality range to suit your commercial needs at competitive price.

  • All our calipers are fitted with new pistons, guide pins & seal kits to make them as ‘like new’ as possible.
  • Each caliper also comes fully reconditioned with a one year warranty.
  • We have £5 million Product liability insurance, excluding USA.
  • Our quality process assures that our calipers are fully tested on a test rig and date stamped for reference.


  • Each old caliper is checked on receipt to check correct for application listed.
  • They are stripped fully, all bodies are shot blast and plated black for any rust/salt protection and they look like the same colour as OEM calipers.
  • All parts are checked for wear/cracks/rust, non-reusable parts are scrapped. The usable parts; some are shot blast and plated against rusting, others are reused.
  • All bushes and bearings are replaced 100%.
  • All seals and boots are replaced 100%
  • The calipers are then reassembled with a mixture of New Parts and Reused Parts.
  • The finished caliper has Q.C. Controls in the build process and a final Quality Control Test is done on completion.
  • The calipers are date stamped/identified with TRX and the builder’s identification stamp.
  • The calipers are then boxed in TRANSAXLE’s own cartons, ready for dispatch.


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