Specialist Remanufactured Commercial Vehicle Brake Calipers - Transaxle

Remanufactured Commercial Brake Calipers & Repair Kits

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CITO (up to 01/1998) Calipers

EVO BUS Remanufactured Caliper Positions

Remanufactured EVO BUS CITO (up to 01/1998) calipers.

Transaxle Catalogue Page: 17

See the table below for cross reference numbers.



Caliper Type Cross Ref 1 Cross Ref 2 Manufacturer Ref Side Transaxle Part No.
Knorr SB7 / SN7 K003800 SN7211RC Q6284200701 1 TRX7211RC
K003799 SN7201RC Q6284200801 2 TRX7201RC
K003788 SN7198RC 0501006296 3 TRX7198RC
K003787 SN7188RC 0501006297 4 TRX7188RC